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International Potential

FIBA has come and gone and as expected, the USA won with no threat to their gold medal dreams. This has been the relative norm ever since NBA players were allowed into international competition back in 1992. A concern I had while watching this year’s World Cup was that this particular USA team had a very, very young squad with every player, with the exception of Rudy Gay (who really shouldn’t have been on the team anyway) was born after 1988. Despite the wave of youth in the team and not entering the best players the US has to offer (LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Paul George, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant etc.) they still managed to annihilate every opponent put forth. Spain was a very real chance to contend if they had not been shockingly knocked out by France and France themselves could have caused an even bigger upset then they did had the put forth a full strength team, but USA was still always going to be immensely heavy favourites.

The concern I had with this is that the World Cup should be the pinnacle of all basketball competitions, yet attendance and fan interest compared to the soccer world cup and the NBA is laughable. The only way to fix this is if the other countries start to challenge the US to ensure games aren’t over well before half time. Originally it seemed that this wasn’t going to happen any time soon seeing as though the US had a squad they could easily put forward for the 2018 and possibly 2022 World Cup with out a single change in the roster, until I dove into the international talent that is floating around and making huge strides to better themselves at basketball. So I thought I would select the 5 best basketball countries outside of the US who seemingly have the brightest future and take a look at what prospective and current talent they have to try and make the World Cup what it should be. Continue reading

The new Big Three (Kevin Love trade)

Just a short article today on how the Kevin Love trade has affected Cleveland and Minnesota and what kind of impact this new big 3 will have in the history books. First things first, the details of the trade are as follows: Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a 1st round pick for Kevin Love, of course the deal can not be finalized until August 23rd when Wiggins has been signed for over a month and by that time the trade will most likely have some small changes, such as a third team, which is looking more and more likely that it’s going to be Philadelphia and their enormous amount of salary cap space. For now though I’ll just talk about what we know, Love is going to be in Cleveland next year and the last 2 years first overall picks will be together in Minnesota. Continue reading

The Power of Hype (Wiggins/Love trade)

Andrew Wiggins, arguably the best high school basketball player since LeBron James. He hasn’t played a single second of NBA basketball and yet he is in serious trade rumors for a 3 time All-Star. Not only that, but some still believe Cleveland shouldn’t commit to the trade because Wiggins is just too valuable (and they could be right). Make no mistake; hype/potential is a very powerful entity in the world of professional basketball. In 99% of circumstances I would say that given the choice between a young player with a ton of potential and a proven superstar, you have to choose the superstar, but this is that 1% and I will explain why. Continue reading