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Western Conference Rankings

It is officially the most depressing time of year, the playoffs are long gone, the draft and summer league have finished, and most major free agent signing have been finished. The next few months are rough for NBA fans. With that in mind there isn’t all that much to write about, so with my Eastern conference predictions completed a few weeks ago, I thought I would try and do my best at ranking this ridiculously competitive Western Conference. Continue reading

Post LeBron decision Eastern Conference rankings

LeBron has gone home, the dust is beginning to settle and the endless “I’m coming home” montages on YouTube have commenced. LeBron’s decision this time around went a lot smoother than the previous and seems as though all NBA fans that don’t support the Heat are generally content with the outcome. The only question remains is, what does this change of scenery mean for Cleveland, Miami and the rest of the league. The simplest and most effective way to predict the outcome of the free agency changes is to do an eastern conference power ranking.

The western conference is left out because A) the free agency moves have not had that much of a significant impact on contending teams, B) the major emphasis of this article are two eastern conference teams and C) the west have (by far) the 3 best teams in the NBA, being the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder, so to add them in this analysis just seems cruel to all eastern conference teams who fancy themselves a title contender. Without further ado, we start at 15. Continue reading